Join us for the Socorro Islands….

Socorro Islands
November – May
The Revillagigedo Islands (also Revillagigedo Archipelago) are a group of four volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, known for their unique ecosystem. The islands are home to many endemic plant and animal species. Socorro island is the most diverse in flora, fauna, and topography.

The islands lie 250 miles off Baja Mexico’s southern shore. When embarking on a trip to the Socorro Islands we plan to dive the islands of San Benedicto, Socorro, and Roca Partida. Due to the distance to Clarion, this is only dived on longer expeditions.

These islands are a spectacular magnet for the largest ocean pelagic animals in the world. Animals include schooling hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, friendly bottlenose dolphins, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, clouds of jacks and barracuda, tuna, wahoo, oceanic white tip sharks, whale sharks and manta rays.

Manta Rays are the claim to fame for Socorro Islands. The island where they predominately congregate is San Benedicto. The magical dive site called “The Boiler” is a submerged sea mount and cleaning station. More than a half dozen mantas frequent this pinnacle regularly. The mantas in the Revillagigedo Islands are friendly and enjoy the presence of humans. This is truly an exceptional place to experience the manta magic.

Humpback whales visit during the winter months of mid-February through mid-April. We often hear the sounds of the singing mating males as they provide escort underwater. Sightings are common during this time.

Whale sharks can be seen during the months of November, December and May.

This destination can only be dived by a live aboard dive vessel. It takes approximately 26-28 hours one-way to reach the islands. This is an excellent dive destination for large pelagics due to the open ocean nature of the islands, which sometimes include currents and choppy conditions. The underwater topography consists of rocky outcroppings, boulders and some incredible walls. There is not much in the way of coral as this is a cooler water destination.

The crossing from Los Cabos San Lucas to the Socorro Islands takes approximately 26-28 hours. It is open sea so please be prepared in case we are faced with rough seas. There are several over the counter remedies that can help you and we encourage you to research which is best for you before you arrive.

Average surface water temperatures:

November 80F (26C)
December 80F (26C)
January 75F (24C)
February 75F (24C)
March 75F (24C)
April 75F (24C)
May 80F (26C)

Below is our scheduled diving itinerary. Weather and sea conditions may require changes to this itinerary. If unique animal sighting opportunities arise, we may suggest alternative options to divers.

Day 1 – Board the boat at 5pm / Dinner is served at 7pm / Boat departs shortly thereafter

Day 2 – At Sea

Day 3 – San Benedicto – 4 dives scheduled

Day 4 – Roca Partida – 3 dives scheduled

Day 5 – Roca Partida – 3 dives scheduled

Day 6 – Socorro Island – 3 dives scheduled (check in with naval station)

Day 7 – Socorro Island – 4 dives scheduled

Day 8 – San Benedicto – 3 dives scheduled – at the end of the day we will start our return to San Jose del Cabo

Day 9 – At Sea

Day 10 – Arrive at San Jose del Cabo in the early morning hours – disembark at 8:30am

Schedules and Rates
Socorro 2019: $3300 USD per person, quad occupancy
Socorro 2020: $3300 USD per person, quad occupancy
Socorro 2021: $3400 USD per person, quad occupancy

The above price includes all taxes, port fees, meals, beverages, tanks, weights and complimentary beer and wine. The only things not included are

$28 park fee
$120 Nitrox (if you want it)
Transfers to and from the boat
Crew gratuity (typically 10%-15% of the fare)

Above pricing does not include Citizen Science Trips. Trips that include the Citizen Science Program are an additional $200 per person (entire $200 goes to the scientist to pay for supplies & expenses).